About Us

Unleash your skin's potential with Belle Peau X Elisha skincare line. Made with natural products to moisturize and rejuvenate all skin types. Our products are freshly made by hand to ensure the best quality in order to promote healthy and hydrated skin. Belle Peau x Elisha products are truly your skin's soil!


About the Owner

Belle Peau X Elisha was started in 2023 by Bridget Elisha White under her LLC, Pretty Peacock. She began making skincare products for her family due to dermatological issues they began to experience, such as eczema and contact dermatitis. As her homemade products began to improve their issues, others inquired about her remedies. It was at that point Bridget had the desire to use her gift on a larger scale. She allowed God to guide her in her business venture, and with the help of her husband and family, it has been a success.

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